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We are an online art convention ready to bring amazing products and art from various artists and small businesses/studios!

Make sure to check out all of our wonderful artists who are participating in UnCONventional's Second Wave!

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What is UnCONventional?

This is an online con featuring multiple artists and small businesses that have come together to create an virtual artist alley experience.

We created this event since so many conventions and art shows were cancelled due to COVID-19. Sadly, many artists depend on these shows for income, and many are struggling to keep their shop and themselves supported during these tough times.

We will have multiple artists and small businesses/studio participate in our event! You can purchase from any of our artists online shops or put in "made to order" forms for those who also create customs/commissions in their shop. To celebrate the gathering of so many talents people, we also will have a discount code for all the business & shops that are participating!
Use the code "UNCON2020" at any checkout to receive a discount for that shop! However, these special offers are only available during UnCONventional's event.
{notice: all shops will have different discounts/offers}

How does it work?

We will have multiple artists and small businesses/studio participate in our event during July 10th - 12th! You can purchase from any of our artists online shops or put in "made to order" forms for those who also create customs/commissions in their shop. To celebrate the gathering of so many talents people, we also will have a discount code for all the business & shops that are participating!
Use the code "UNCON2020" at any checkout to receive a discount for that shop! However, these special offers are only available during UnCONventional's event.
{notice: all shops will have different discounts/offers}

UnCONvnetional will be hosting panels and live streams!
If you are interested in hosting a panel or live stream please go to the "Join Us" tab for more information! The Panel Schedule will be post a few days before the event starts!

When does it take place?

UnCONventional will have two weekends, or "waves", wheremultiple artist will participate.

First Wave
July 10th - 12th

Second Wave
August 21st - 23rd

To see which artists are participating at each wave please go to the "Artists" tab.
Thank you!

Join The Fun!

Are you an artist/small business? Then you should think about joining our Artist Alley! Not only is it completely free to any artists/studios/small businesses, this is a great way to showcase your work online and through social media. For more information please click on the "Information Packet" link.

Information Packet

To join please fill out the following form below:
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Applications for the First Wave are CLOSED!
Applications for the Second Wave are due CLOSED!

Once you have received an email that you have been approved, more information will be sent to you.
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Panels & Live Streams

Want to host a panel or a live stream for UnCONventional?
Please fill out the form below!

Panel & Live Steam Form

Panel Submissions for the First Wave are due by July 8th!
Panel Submissions for the Second Wave are due by August 15th!

The Artists

Let us introduce you to all of our wonderful artists & small business that will be attending UnCONventional's Second Wave!

Second Wave
August 21st - 23rd

Second wave Panels

For more information on each panel please refer to our instagram page

Spiritbrigi Designs
Aug. 22nd @7pm CST-9pm CST
Twitch Stream

EXP Gained
Aug. 22nd @11pm PST
Instagram Live

Poppy Sweets Deco
Aug. 23rd @12:30pm EST
Instagram Live

Aug. 21st @9pm EST
Twitch Stream

Le Petite Papillon C
Aug. 22nd @12pm PST
Instagram Live

OllyBits Pixel Art
Aug. 21st @1pm PST
Twitch Stream

Aug. 22nd @10am CST
Twitch Stream

Chimera's Quirky Creations
Aug. 21st @7:3pm PST
Aug. 22nd @ 12pm PST
Twitch Stream

White Wolf's Treasures
Aug. 21st @4pm EST
Aug. 22nd @2pm EST
Twitch Stream

Art by Siopao Cheeks
Aug. 21st & 22nd @2pm PST
Twitch Stream

Sophi'a Sweet Deco Creations
Aug. 22nd @1pm BST
Instagram Live

Midi Mayo
Aug. 22nd @5pm EST
Twitch Stream

Poppy Sweets Deco
Handmade Decoden & Resin Accessories!

Charlotte is the owner and artist of Poppy Sweets Deco. She creates handmade decoden phone cases and various other resin accessories. She has been running her shop since October 2017 and has loved every minute of creating items for her lovely customers. One day she hopes she can make her little business into a full-time dream.

Currently, Charlotte is a college student and works at a small bookstore, who is trying to make her passion come to life! She's a mother to two cats, two dogs, and a shy tarantula. She enjoys reading, playing video games, watching various shows, movies, and anime.

White Wolf's Treasures
Welcome to her Den of Treasures!

Wolf has been the owner and creator of White Wolf's Treasures since early 2019 when it began. This shop specifies in cute handmade amigurumi (crocheted plushies) and perler keychains. She loves connecting with other people and making sure they fall in love with whatever they order. Wolf plans to eventually add bath and body products as well as resin works later in the year.

Wolf began her craft in December of 2018. Crafting is a major outlet for her. She also enjoys gaming with her friends and family and streaming on Twitch to share her craft with others! Wolf one day hopes to turn her hobby of crafting and streaming into her full time career.

Chubbi Cafe
Creations made with lots of love to bring you too of happiness!

Vivian is the owner and artist behind ChubbiPenguin’s Shop. She creates clay charms, resin charms and trinket trays, and pin back buttons. Everything is handmade with lots of sparkles and love! She has been running her little shop since 2016 and has been loving every second of it! She hopes to make her shop her full time shop one day.

Vivian is currently a nail technician that’s trying to make all her dreams and passions come true! A lover of anything shiny and colorful! When not crafting, she loves to play with her little puppy, and bake.

Stella's What Nots
Yarn dyer and overal crafty mom!

I specialize in hand dyeing fibers such as yarn and embroidery floss. I enjoy making items for crafty people such as stitch markers and needleminders. I tend to theme things around nerdy game topics.

I'm a stay at home mother who has been striving to start up a local business of hand dyed fibers. I have a fondness for possums and so lots of art and projects I do are possum themed. I have an auto immune disease that has been a challenge for crafting but I don't let it change anything as I strive to learn new crafts.

Hanneko Creations
Resin Artist

Hi! My name is Hannah, I’m a 28 year old from Australia! I have always loved to create and resin has become a passion of mine the last 4 years! Everything I make is made with lots of love and lots of sparkle 💕


paprikaSTUDIOS is a studio that specializes in chibiart in both original and fanart pieces. We started the con circuit at the beginning of 2013 and have continue to share our love for creating artwork that people can connect to since! Whatever our art goes on, we ensure that it's made of high quality that we can be proud of to know that you'll get the most out of your product overtime. Cute is seriously in our middle name no genre is safe from our chibiness.

Fairy Craft Mother Shop

Magical Cases & Resin Charms!

Fuchsia Gorilla

A Nerdy Crochet Artist with a flair for the adorable!

Ollybits Pixel Art

Full time Twitch Streamer and Artist Ollybits painting boxes and watching them dry on a daily basis.

Pixel Art goodies and gifts! Made by full-time artist and twitch streamer, Ollybits shares her work of pixel art paintings, charms, prints, and more!

Chimera's Quirky Creations

I'm a free-hand crocheter. That means I create the crocheted plushies (Amigurumi) from scratch, without a pattern! I learned how to crochet via YouTube in 2014, and casually crocheted until 2019 when I started to stream my craft on Twitch! I'm motivated by the thrill of a new challenge of custom work,whether it's a character from pop culture or mascots for fellow content creators! The world has endless sources for inspiration and I'm living for it ♥️

Goblins Can Art
A small animator, artist, and programmer offering commissions and working his hardest.

Just a teen working to save for college!

Artist & Crafter

Hello and welcome, I started this shop in 2019 but have always been working on fun and creative stuff all my life. I make a variety of items such as digital art, clay, and resin products, I enjoy being able to make fun things for others to view and enjoy.

Kiyoko is a creator of a lot of things and a silly person. She mainly started off doing traditional art and digital art then later on got into resin and clay around 2019, she does have plans to one day add more to her list but right now she's having fun making what she has now for all to enjoy.

Aussie Decoden Enthusiast & Artist

My name is Taylor and I’m a 23 year old Aussie with a passion for everything crafty! 💖 I’ve worked with resin and created decoden cases for a little over five years and have loved every second of it!

Geek the Halls

Geek The Halls began in 2016, creating holiday ornaments inspired by some of Stephanie's favorite anime and games, like Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy VII, and several others! Since then, she has been growing her shop by making resin charms and accessories, enamel pins, and ita bags!

DereDere Decoden
Kawaii decoden phone cases & more!

Hi! My name's Joleen. I'm a decoden creator and digital artist with an amazing husband and two fluffy guinea pigs. I've always been a creative person- drawing, painting, and crafting. Even as a child I was interested in starting my own business. Creating products that brighten people's day is the best feeling in the world. I love what I do, and I feel so grateful that I get to be creative for a living.

Sophia's Sweet Deco Creations

My name is Sophia, I'm 22 years old and I'm a cosplayer/kawaii girl that hails from Surrey, UK! I make kawaii cases and accessories. I have been practicing Decoden craft for just over 5 years.

Sibylla's Bath House

I started soaping because I cannot draw well. I really wanted to join the artist alley. So October 2016 I decided to make fandom inspired body products. Being that I have sensitive skin, I am very careful of what I put in my products so that they are friendly to everyone.

High Noon Studios

Hi! Welcome to High Noon Studios! Here you can find all natural soy candles that shimmer as they melt. Our candles are inspired by pop culture phenomena like movies and video games! Come find something to make your home more magical ✨

Ari's Radiant Resin

Kawaii handmade keychains, jewellery, and accessories

cute art + handmade stickers

Hello! I am a small artist + magical girl with a twitch, twitter, instagram, and deviantart so feel free to check more art examples on my social media!

The French Town
Lover of all yarn, turning into knitted goods.

Resin Wishes
✨Where your resin wishes come true!✨

Resin Wishes creates kawaii resin goodies such as keychains, trays, coasters, wands, and earrings. Everything is based on being cute or from a pop culture favorite! The main goal is to create something that you love and is unique to you.

Hi! My name is Brianna and I'm 21 years old. I'm in love with everything cute, anime, video games, and making people happy. I started Resin Wishes September 2019 with the goal of making items that people love. The items that are created revolve around being kawaii and pop culture. I hope I continue to make people's resin wishes come true ✨.

Millie's Crochet House
Creating Original Friends & Fan Art

Handmade Amigurumi Artist

I make fandom favorites and original manga!

Oregon Odditorium & Curios
Your one stop shop for all things Halloween, Pagan and Occult! Staying Spooky Year Round.

Marie's Gifts & Crafts

Esther Marie is the crafter behind Marie's Gifts & Crafts. She has been creating decoden products since 2014 on request. In 2016 she started using resin to make her own decoden pieces and in 2017 she started designing her own silicone molds. She loves making custom pieces on request. She has a lot of variety to offer from handmade gifts to supplies for you to make your own creations with. She makes resin charms, trinket boxes, trinket trays, decorated products, small resin accessoires and silicone molds that you can use with her glitter mixes.

Esther Marie is 22 years old and lives in Bruges, Belgium. She has always been creating even before she started her shop. She loves drawing and painting, hoping that she can do this more often. She is graduating college in September, she has been studying accountancy since 2016. She enjoys hiking and travelling with her boyfriend and spending time with her family. She is also getting her small business license later this year, this will be a huge milestone for her.


A decoden shop. I make custom phone cases, switch lite cases, premade cases, and layouts! Anything from anime character theme and horror, to pastel kawaii!

I'm a huge anime and video game weeb so I tend to make things that are for animes or video games that I absolutely love. I think when you make something you love it really shows in the craftsman ship.

Eddie & Friends
Whimsical art, crafts, and fanart

Dragon Dandy

Dragon Dandy is a small business run by one person who loves hair accessories! I wear them daily, and love crafting. It’s a passion of mine, so you can rest assured that everything I send out is some of my best work with good quality. If there’s anything you like that you think I can make but you don’t see on my site or Instagram, just send me an email and see what I can do for you!

I'm a 29 year old business owner who sells hair accessories and loves to craft. My pets are my world and my business proceeds always go to Koneko's (my dog) care before anything else. She's been with me for 10 years and she's my absolute baby! I've been working at this for nearly 5 years now and each year just gets better with every little success. Yes, I do a happy dance every time I get an order. Yes, I wear hair bows every day. No, I don't like spiders. Nice to meet you!

Pastel Princess Deco
A decoden shop spreading the love of all things kawaii and creepy-cute

The Craft Goblin

The Craft Goblin is here to provide nerdy little creations of love, just for you! Every item is hand-made out of resin or crochet, and whether you're a gamer, a role-player, an anime fan, or you just like cute little trinkets, the Goblin has something they just know you'll love!

The Craft Goblin loves all things crafting, cute and weird, and when she isn’t working or playing DnD, she’s always experimenting with new ideas! Her husband and partner, the Crafty Kobold, spends his days looking at rocks and his nights helping make their creations come to life! Together they specialize in cute trinket and treasures for your hoard!

Strawbaby Shoppe

Strawbaby Shoppe, formerly Chibibaby Resin, has been revamped in light of the huge changes 2020 has brought on, and the deep desire to always reflect my truest self. As always, my shop is a safe space centered on mental health, cute things, and self-expression in its many forms! Shoppe is your place to find a little magic, a little sparkle, and lots of love ♡ (ˊ•͈ ◡ •͈ˋ) ♡

I'm kai! I recently graduated from university and have since been focused on making my dreams come true through my art. I'm super excited about all the new things coming, including doing my first con! I'm a black, (L)GBT+, eclectic witch and I focus on exclusivity, mental health and wellness, and (self) love! If you like these things, then my shop is for you! I hope you like it here! c:

Court's Crafts

Court's Crafts is your one stop shop for cute items based on nature, anime and Disney.
All items are hand crafted using resin.

Spiritbrigi Designs

Spiritbrigi Designs is a self-made business by Brigitte Jerez creating art for others and herself. She mainly likes to create art prints, charms, and stickers but is planning on branching out to stationary washi tapes and sticker sheets. She is inspired by Japanese street fashion and Western animation. She likes to create art but is planning on creating more original art instead of a majority of fan art.

Originally born in New York, Brigitte Jerez is a digital artist currently residing in Texas. In 2016, at the age of 18, she was introduced to social media and Artist Alleys. She has since participated in Artist Alleys, selling art to a specific group of individuals at conventions, and creating a small circle of friends and like-minded community of artists. Brigitte is continuously experimenting and developing her style. She is currently a BFA major at The University of Houston-Clear Lake in Clear Lake, Texas

Minerva Moon Shop

Cute and custom handmade resin crafts!
A 22 year old grad student trying to be creative outside of work and school.


Hello! My name is Ethany Krystal and I run LePetitePapillonC! I’ve been crafting so about 5 years and was introduced to resin about 3 years ago. I decided to run this shop for the love of crafting I had. Charms make me happy and I wanted to share that happiness with you.

Princess Misery

Spooky & Cute Artist


Hello everyone and welcome to my shop, My name is Carly and I love to create cute perler bead items and Cross stitch patterns.

Diamond Dust

Hi! I'm Dio Diamante, I'm a digital artist from Texas. I draw prints, buttons and I take commissions!


I'm a 21 year old digital artist based in California. I love anime, video games, and anything nerdy. I've been drawing for over 8 years and I try my best to make all my items in-house.


Welcome to Tarabites Handmade Creations! Everything here is made by hand, so textures and details will vary. I feature both ready made and custom made items. I have been crocheting off and on over the past 19 years. I enjoy making fan art and cute creations. Thanks for checking out my shop :)


I enjoy making all types of products from resin including smokers accessories, home decor, and more! I’m able to even do custom orders don’t hesitate to reach out!


Cute and lewd buttons and stickers!


Thanks for browsing~ In my shop you will find Anime, Nerd, Geek, Video Game, Retro, Gaming, Meme, Vaporwave, Cute, Kawaii, and Lewd inspired merchandise such as stickers, bookmarks, acrylic pins, enamel pins, magnets, keychains, charms, apparel, and more! Please check out my social media links, thanks!


Hi, I’m Emily. I’m a 2D Animator/Vis Dev artist and studied at SVA. At ThatLilBeanSprout you can find prints, stickers, pins, charms, and much more to fill all your nerdy needs ~.

Oni Candle Co

Oni Candle Co. started in a small shared kitchen as a hobby, in Sydney, Australia, back in late 2019. I had the idea to start a business while making Christmas gifts, then a few days later in class I thought, 'Why not character themed candles?'. Our candles are all pastel in colour and inspired by different Anime and Game characters!

Sushi's Tea Time

I am a self-taught artist, with a love to make merch and accessories. I have a variety of items, lanyards, buttons, keychains, pins, and more, covering LGBTQ+, original, and fandom.

Noctis Fox

Believe or Dont Creative Resin

Where conspiracies meet creativity.


Hi I'm Emily! I use resin to make amazing custom items. I love taking your ideas and making them into something you can hold! I also do floral preservation, keepsake, and memorial items. Check out my instagram to see the things I've custom made for others!

EXP ShopCo

EXP Gained is a small shop selling enamel pin goods with designs inspired by experiences gained in the vast indoor world of gaming and animation culture as well as the fantastic great outdoors. There's something to be found for all types of adventurers, so stop on by to browse our wares to accompany you on your daily adventures.

Bubblegum Banshee

Spooky cute resin accessories handmade in Washington state.


Cute and Nerdy Crochet Plushies and Accessories.

K Mo's Charm Shop

Hi my little charmies! my name is Katie (K Mo) and I am the person behind K Mo's Charm Shop. I started resin a little over a year ago and I really love it as an art form. My inspiration for my pieces comes from kpop, foods I love (like boba tea 😆), anime, and pretty much anything sparkly and kawaii. I am in a lot of fandoms. Some of my favorite Kpop groups are BTS, Red Velvet, Pentagon, ATEEZ, (G)I-dle, ITZY, and Twice.


Hello! I'm Julia, the designer and owner of CHUBUthings! During the day I work full time as a landscape architect and urban planner. I love designing and being creative, so I opened my small business in 2019. I create handmade resin pieces and hope to expand to include other artsy things in the future :)

Arts In Bubblegum

Custom polymer clay jewelry, uniquely handmade with love!

Peck's Perlers

I am a perler artsist that brings specializes in making sprites from video games, anime, and pop culture. I've been perlering for 5 years and been attending cons for the past 3 years.

Lulu's Darling Designs

Hi, I'm Lulu! I picked up resin in 2017 as a new hobby. As time went on, attempt after attempt, I started to improve! After many failures, the successes started to outweigh them. I finally decided to open up my shop in 2018 to share my creations with the world. I've tried my hand at many different mediums and enjoy them all! Now, my shop has a mix of resin, crochet, and much more! I've tried to create a little fandom heaven! 💕


Hey, I’m snuffkii! I sell prints, charms, and commissions!

Art by Siopao Cheeks

Hi there! Im Siopao Cheeks, I make resin crafts, enamel pins, charms, prints and more to come! I hope my art brings you joy! Please consider following my socials and sharing your purchases💖 Thank you for browsing, have a magical day~

Beansprout Doodles

Howdy! I'm a small artist from Georgia that loves animation, Video Games, Horror and pretty much nerdy much!

For commissions please contact me through Instagram.

Sweet Peach Parade

Sweet Peach Parade is a small online shop run by Gaby, an animation student at SCAD. Sweet Peach is your one stop shop for all things shoujo, magical girl, and idol themed, with a side of cute fruit-themed girls as well! We sell original stickers, resin keychains, badges, as well as running a monthly sticker sheet club through patreon. Our custom sticker commissions are open as well in a variety of styles, so you can get a one-of-a-kind sticker of your dreams! ✨🍑

Midi Mayo

Midi Mayo is an illustrator/Comic Artist from the East Coast! She loves drawing OCs and making cute merch!

The Mage's Emporium

I'll admit it. I love videogames and anime. There! I said it! XP
But I also like crafting! So in order to better maximize my time I decided to enjoy both at the same time. And that's when this shop was born.
So if you too enjoy videogames and anime please take a look around my shop!


So what are ya buyin'?


Looking for something cute? From chibi art to decoden boxes that look like yummy pastry PurplePandaProductions does her best to make you happy.

PandasnCream is a small business owner who dreams of going full time on her art. She loves creating with color and positive vibes!

To make a purchase or for commission information please message me through Instagram!

BlackeHavoc Studios

BlackeHavoc Studios offers a variety of items featuring unique illustrations and fanart. Designs are crafted with imagination, passion, and attention to detail. Inspiration comes from nature, fantasy, pop culture, Japanese animation, the occult, and a dark sense of humor. BlackeHavoc's style is like her personality: weird, cute, and always original.

Now Yours.

Autumn Alyse
Owner, Maker

Autumn has been devloping her style over years and is constantly discovering new processes and mediums! With 16 years of experiance, she is ready to offer you her traditionally created art to bring your character to life!


Welcome! I’m Vic, a digital artist from the southern US. Working in an anime illustration style, I create art focused on customs/commissions, fanart and original stories.

Matcha Pop

My name is Matcha and I draw cute anime characters. I make stickers and keychains. Commissions are open also ! You can purchase them through my ko-fi account, thank you !

PrincelyScales Art

Im Daveed and I love to make reptile and inosaur themed artworks! I do some fandom and dabble in resin but mostly do illustration and ceramics!

Cutie Glitters

Welcome to Cutie Glitters, your online shop for all of the glitter supplies, guidance, and inspiration you need to achieve any idea. Take a look to see all we have to offer and start your next project today.

A Hare Affair

Hi! I'm Hare and I make cute things!


Hi I'm Buttons and I make amigurumi plushies and accessories, I'm working with a couple of friends to provide a variety of creations that will be sure to bring out your inner nerd.

CrystalBee Creations

Hello, my name is Crystal and I'm the owner of CrystalBee Creations. About 10 years ago I've discovered a love for jewelry making. One of my favorite pastimes is visiting local thrift and antique stores to find old, broken jewelry. I love breaking them apart and turning them into new pieces of jewelry. I just go crazy for the bright colors and classic glass beads from long ago. In 2018 I rediscovered crocheting. I started with a scarf and beanie before diving head first into the world of amigurumi. Other crafts I love to do are cross stitch, scrapbooking, and I'm learning to sew. I would love to introduce those to CrystalBee Creations in the future.

Melon Soda Decoden

Hello! I’m Luna, and I run Melon Soda Decoden! My shop specializes in adorable decoden cases and resin charms, trays and accessories! I also take custom commissions to make the pieces of your dreams! ╰(´︶`)╯♡

Crafty Geek Girls

We're a sisters ran business where we hand make beaded jewelry and bookmarks, home decor in wood burning and needle art, and crochet dolls. We use the skills that mother and grandparents showed us when we were little and have added a geeky twist to them. All of our items are inspired by stories throughout time; movies and television, novels and comics, animes and video games.